(#075) 1 Corinthians 15 - What if There is No Resurrection of the Dead?

He rose so the dominos could fall.









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Rory Clark



Good Morning!  


Welcome to Barah Ministries…an intimate, local Christian Church with worldwide impact.  My name is Pastor Rory Clark.  Welcome to this Bible lesson!  Who is Jesus Christ?  At Barah Ministries we know this truth…that Jesus Christ is God.  In Matthew, Chapter 25, Verses 31 to 34, Jesus ends the Tribulation period…the seven years immediately following the Church Age…with His second coming to save His chosen race of people, the Jews…


/MATTHEW 25:31

“When the Son of Man comes in his glory…and all the angels come with him…then he will sit on his glorious throne (on earth…the one-thousand-year Millennial reign of Christ).”\


/MATTHEW 25:32 

“Before him will be gathered all the Gentile nations…and the Son of Man will separate individual people in the Gentile nations one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats.”\


/MATTHEW 25:33 

“And the Son of Man will place the sheep (believers in Christ) on his right…and the goats (unbelievers) on the left.”\


/MATTHEW 25:34 

“Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come…you who are the blessed ones…blessed by my Father…and inherit the Millennial kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.’ ”\


Only a righteous God could accomplish such an amazing feat.


The Bible refers to Jesus in so many ways…He is the Messiah…He is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world…He is the GREAT I AM…He is the Sovereign God of the Universe…and nothing in the universe happens without His permission…He is the Son of God to the Church…He is the Son of Man to Israel…and it is a pleasure and a blessing to worship the ONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD.


Why does Barah Ministries exist?  At Barah Ministries, we make a 

difference by teaching the Word of God, verse-by-verse, from God’s perspective and not from man’s perspective.  Barah Ministries exists for the benefit of Christians…those of us who have a deep, intimate, and personal relationship with the Lord through the study of His Word.  Why do we study the Word of God?  Because we believe what the Lord says in Isaiah, Chapter 40, Verse 8…


/ISAIAH 40:8

The wild grass withers…and the wildflowers fade…but the Word of our God stands forever.\


Our families teach us beliefs, and we willingly adopt them as if they are the truth.  I don’t know what your family taught you, but MOST of the things I was taught in my family did not stand up to scrutiny when they were compared to what God has to say about life in His Word.  Yet we hold on dearly to the traditions instilled by our families…and we hold many of these lies as sacred.  Instead, we need to look at the evidence.  Do these beliefs make sense in light of what you learn by studying the Word of God?


The Bible teaches us absolute TROOF!  Your beliefs are valuable only to the extent that they are an exact reflection of this truth.  The Bible, the Word of God, is the exact thinking of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  The Bible is the “owner’s manual” for your life…it is God-breathed into the authors of Scripture who wrote exactly what God wanted them to write.  The Bible is crystal clear…and it is sufficient to help you solve all of your human problems because there is a divine solution for every human problem.  What the Bible is NOT is a bunch of stories made up by a bunch of guys…what the Bible is NOT is out of date.  We implore you to always compare what is taught here at Barah Ministries to what the Bible says.  That’s not just an invitation, it’s a responsibility!


Who is God’s enemy?  It’s Satan, whom God made ‘the ruler of this world.’  In John, Chapter 12, Verse 31, the Lord says…


/JOHN 12:31

“Now judgment is upon this world…now the ruler of this world (Satan) will be cast out (he will be dethroned at a future time).”\


Satan inspires impatience in us.  He wants us to live a “do it yourself” lifestyle instead of waiting for God to lay out our paths for us.  Satan inspires the thought, “If it’s to be it’s up to me!”  Impatience is a sign…it’s a sign of immaturity (unwillingness to wait for God)…it’s a sign of unbelief (unwillingness to trust God)…it’s a sign that the flesh is rearing its ugly, bossy head (unwillingness to listen to God the Holy Spirit).  


The Lord’s half-brother…James…recommends patience in James, Chapter

1, Verses 2 to 4…


/JAMES 1:2

Consider it pure joy…my brethren…when you encounter trials of many kinds…\


/JAMES 1:3 

…knowing that the testing of your faith (during trials) produces endurance (which is patience in the face of difficulties).\


/JAMES 1:4 

And let endurance (patience in the face of difficulties) have its perfect result…so that you may be perfect and complete lacking in nothing.\


Success requires stamina…and stamina produces maturity…the fruit of God the Holy Spirit.



What if There is No Resurrection of the Dead?\



For most of you, Dominos is a place to get cardboard tasting pizza…  J  …at least the last time I had it.  Dominoes is actually a tile-based game played with gaming pieces that goes back as far as the Song Dynasty in China in the thirteenth century.  Somewhere along the way, someone got the idea that stacking dominoes in a row and toppling them was a good idea.  After stacking a series of dominoes, you topple the first one and the rest fall onto each other until all the dominoes are laying down.  If you want to see one of the coolest things ever, check out the 12,000 Dominoes YouTube Video where 12,000 dominoes topple in less than two minutes.


The resurrection from the dead is like a domino in the Christian Way of Life.  If the resurrection of the dead actually occurred, then it produced a series of beneficial results that stagger the imagination.  If the resurrection of the dead did not happen, then it produces a domino effect that predicts our ruin as Christians.  Small wonder that the enemy of God would seek to distort the accomplished fact of Christ’s resurrection from the dead so that Christians would doubt their futures.  In today’s lesson, Paul continues dealing with this issue in the first-century church at Corinth. 




Let’s hear some music!  Romans, Chapter 8, Verses 24 and 25 say this…


/ROMANS 8:24 

For in hope (for the future) we believers in Christ have been saved (in the past)…but hope that is seen (in the present) is not hope…for who hopes for what he already sees?\


/ROMANS 8:25

But if we hope for what we do not see (in the future)…and we do…with patience we wait eagerly for the things which are to come.\


Is God delivering what you’re praying for?  If God is delaying, it doesn’t mean NO.  As Danny Gokey sings it…maybe you just HAVEN’T SEEN IT YET! 



Be Occupied with the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ

Enjoy the Singing of His Praises


Danny Gokey\





Be Occupied with the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ

Enjoy the Singing of His Praises



Danny Gokey\



Let us pray...\


We’re grateful, Heavenly Father, for the privilege of studying Your absolute truth...the Word of God…


Father, we know that everything in this universe is Yours…even the cattle on a thousand hills…You are the consummate Landlord…thank you for Your plans…for Your protection…for Your provision…for Your presence in our lives…


…as the Landlord of the Universe, we pray that You will serve up several eviction notices…we pray that You will rid the world of Satan’s interference that distorts the gospel message for unbelievers by opening their eyes to the truth through the convicting ministry of God the Holy Spirit…we pray that you will block Satan’s distractions that interfere with Your believers when they study the Word of God…and we pray that you remove all the implanted hatred in our hearts which disrupt our reflection of Your unconditional love…


…we ask this through the enabling power of God the Holy Spirit…in Christ’s name...Amen.



What if There is No Resurrection of the Dead?\


The first four books of the New Testament are called the gospels.  They are written by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.  The gospels written by Matthew, Mark and John are called the SYNOPTIC gospels…a word which means, in literal translation, the same (SYN) view (OPTICS).  Even the term puts to rest the idea that there are contradictions in the Bible.  


The synoptic gospels provide us with a general account of Jesus Christ’s life on earth from the same point of view.  They cover what Jesus Christ did and what He said during His time on earth.


John’s gospel is different.  Its focus is to reveal Jesus Christ’s identity.  It sheds light on the fact that Jesus Christ is God…the Son of God who took on human form.


The fifth book of the New Testament is the Book of Acts.  It details the formation of the first-century church.


The sixth book of the New Testament is Paul’s letter to the Romans…the foundational book of Biblical Christianity.  A believer who has not studied Romans probably doesn’t know much about Christianity.  It only took me fifty years into my Christian life to study it.  J


The seventh book of the New Testament is First Corinthians, and it is the book we have been studying for the last year or so.  We're about one hundred and twenty-five hours into our study.  What we're learning about is a church of believers in Christ who are new to Christianity.  We're learning all the things that can go wrong in a believer's life when they are starting out.  The letter illuminates a few of the many things that Satan, the enemy of God, introduces into our lives to ruin our lives.




         Divisions and Rivalries








         The Abuse of God’s Gifts to Mankind

         The Peril of False Instruction

         The Perversion of Immorality

Tolerating Sin

Suing Other Believers\




The Distorted Sexual Relationship in Marriage

Idols and Idol Food

Failure to Care for Unbelievers

The Disrespectful Conduct of Women in Church

The Rejection of the Resurrection of the Dead\


We continue our study of First Corinthians, Chapter 15.  There are six sections of this chapter for us to study.



Is the Resurrection is Real?


         SECTION 1          Verses 1 to 11

         SECTION 2          Verses 12 to 19

         SECTION 3          Verses 20 to 28

         SECTION 4          Verses 29 to 34\



How is the Resurrection Possible?


         SECTION 5          Verses 35 to 49

         SECTION 6          Verses 50 to 58\


Let’s recall the important points of our study of section one….First Corinthians, Chapter 15, Verses 1 to 11 before we go on to study section two.  What is the issue Paul is addressing in First Corinthians, Chapter 15?  He’s addressing a concern the believers in first-century Corinth have…is there really a resurrection of the dead?  Some were saying NO…First Corinthians, Chapter 15, Verse 12…



Now if Christ is preached, and He is…that He has been raised from the dead…how do some among you say that there is no resurrection of the dead?\


Well, what if there isn’t a resurrection of the dead?  The first-century Corinthians believed that there is life after death WITHOUT a resurrection from the dead.  They are in a mental struggle between what happens in the earthly realm and what happens in the heavenly realm.  They are confused.  Paul is correcting the error in their thinking.


Let’s remind ourselves what we covered in the first two lessons on this chapter, and then get into the next section for study.  Paul begins First Corinthians, Chapter 15 with a reminder.  What is the most important message in Biblical Christianity?  It’s the gospel message!



Now I (Paul) make known to you brethren (believers in Christ in the church at first-century Corinth)…the gospel message I preached to you (in the past)…which gospel message also you received (and accepted as true and believed)…in which gospel you keep on standing (in the present…with the result that you have an absolutely certain future)…\



…by which gospel also you keep on being saved…if you hold fast the word which I preached to you, and of course you do…unless you believed in vain (without careful thought…as unbelievers are prone to do…putting your faith in something untrue or partial).\


So that the believers in first-century Corinth are not partial in their understanding of the gospel message, Paul presents the key elements of the full gospel message…



For I (Paul) delivered to you (Corinthian believers) as of first importance the gospel message I also received FROM GOD…that the Christ (the Messiah is the One who) died for our sins according to Old Testament Scriptures…\



…and that He was buried…and that He was raised from the dead on the third day… according to the Old Testament Scriptures…\



…and (after His resurrection from the dead) the Christ appeared to Cephas (Simon Peter’s Aramaic name)…then to the twelve (a term for the apostles, eleven minus Judas Iscariot the betrayer).\


In fact…



After His resurrection from the dead, the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to more than five hundred brethren (brothers and sisters who are believers) at one time (they saw Him simultaneously)…most of whom remain alive until now…but some have fallen asleep (have died physically)…\



…then the Lord appeared to James (His half-brother)…then he appeared to all the apostles…\


Paul uses a euphemism for death…falling asleep…he uses it to infer that there will be awakening after some time…the resurrection.  Amen?



…and last of all…as if to one untimely born (an aborted fetus)…the Lord appeared to me (Paul) also.\



For I (Paul) am the least of the apostles not fit to be called an apostle… because I persecuted the church of God.\


Paul had an attitude that was similar to the attitude of Adolph Hitler.  Hitler was a Gentile who thought the Jews should be eradicated.  Paul was a Jew who thought Christians (especially Gentiles) should be eradicated.  There’s one of those historical facts that seldom gets brought to light.


What did God do with a man who wanted to eliminate His Church?  He made Paul the apostle to the Gentiles…the replacement apostle for Judas Iscariot…and charged him with preaching the mystery doctrine of the Church Agee…Christ Indwelling you…the hope of glory!



But by the grace of God, I (Paul) am what I am…and His grace toward me did not prove vain…but I labored even more than all of them…yet not I doing the labor…but the grace of God within me doing the labor.\


God and God alone has the power to change people.  In His grace, God takes people who are “not worthy” and people who are “not deserving’ and MAKES them worthy and deserving.  <IDBYHM>  God never wants us to see ourselves as unworthy and undeserving again because HE counts us as worthy and deserving!  Amen?!



Whether then it was I (Paul) or they (all the other apostles)…so we keep on preaching the gospel…and so you (received the gospel and) believed.\


When we return from the break, we’ll take the offering, and then we’ll study section two of First Corinthians, Chapter 15.




Casting Crowns\



What if There is No Resurrection of the Dead?\


In Philippians, Chapter 4, Verses 15 to 17, here’s what the apostle Paul has to say about giving…



You yourselves also know, Philippians, that at the first preaching of the gospel (in Paul’s first missionary journey), after I left Macedonia, no church shared with me in the matter of giving and receiving but you alone…\



…for even in Thessalonica (in Paul’s second missionary journey), you sent a gift more than once for my needs.\


Not that I seek the gift itself (for myself…even though I appreciate it)…but I seek for the profit which increases to your account (from God when you give).\


I know what Paul means.  One of the great pleasures of my life is giving.  It’s a pleasure for me over the years to give my time, talent, and treasure so that anyone who wants to learn about the Lord Jesus Christ can do so free of charge.  I don’t give of myself once in a while…I give of myself all the time.  


That’s what the Lord wants from us…our ALL.  One of the things I most appreciate about the faithful few here at Barah Ministries is that you have joined me in generosity by giving.  I exhort everyone…if you listen to Barah Ministries, I’m asking you to support Barah Ministries.  No amount is too small.  I want you to make giving to Barah Ministries a routine.  Not that I seek the gift itself…it’s the great pleasure to watch how God blesses your giving and makes it have an impact all over the world in places all over the world with people you know nothing about.  


Let’s welcome up Deacon Denny Goodall with one of his always inspiring offering messages.



Deacon Denny Goodall\




JOHN 15:5

I (the Lord Jesus Christ) am the vine…you believers in Christ are the branches…he who abides in Me and I indwelling him…he bears much fruit…for apart from Me you can do nothing.\




Don Moen\



What if There is No Resurrection of the Dead?\


Well, let’s study section two of First Corinthians, Chapter 15, beginning at Verse 12 to see what the implications are…



Now if Christ is being preached…that He has been raised from the dead… and He has been (to ye…by me)…how do SOME among all of you say that there is no resurrection of the dead?\


Paul is expressing shock!  (He’s saying, “Wait…what?  Do you know how stupid that idea is?”)  Paul has already established that most of the first-century Corinthians are believers in Christ in section one of the chapter…he has taught them the gospel message personally…and they believe.  By believing the gospel message, most of them also believe that Christ was resurrected from the dead.


Now Paul’s students need more instruction because some of them can’t quite grasp the idea of a resurrection from the dead even though they believe that Christ was raised from the dead.  They are confused because they are listening to the Greek philosophers of the day who say there can’t be a resurrection from the dead.  <the psukikos men of 1CO 2:14>  It’s a malady that has been going on for years in Christianity…we believe in Christ…we study the Word of God…and we let the world’s propaganda create doubt and take us off course.  It’s intimidation!


The world believed that the soul cannot live outside the body…that the soul, once it leaves the body no longer exists.  The truth is that the soul once born never dies.  The Greek philosophers didn’t buy it.  They were fatalistic.  So, Paul is about to teach the first-century Corinthian believers the spiritual dominoes that happen if there is no resurrection from the dead.



But if (for the sake of argument) there is no resurrection of the dead, not even Christ has been raised (from the dead)…\


Taking the first and most important spiritual domino as true…there is no resurrection from the dead…there is a host of dire consequences that must logically follow.  The next domino is that Christ is not raised form the dead.  As we have discussed on Resurrection Sunday, if Christ is not raised from the dead then we just have another human martyr on our hands.


…and if (for the sake of argument) Christ has not been raised (from the

dead)…then our preaching is vain (pointless)…your faith also is vain (just as pointless because there is no such thing as Christianity because the gospel is false).\


Class dismissed!  If the gospel message isn’t true then Christianity is a practical joke…and if it is, let’s get out of here!



Moreover, we (all the apostles who teach that Christ is resurrected form the dead) are even found to be false witnesses (liars in our preaching) about God the Father…because we testified about God the Father that He raised Christ (from the dead)… but if in fact the dead are not raised, God the Father did not raise Christ from the dead.\


Now in case you missed it, Paul repeats…



For if (for the sake of argument) the dead are not raised (from the dead), then not even Christ has been raised (from the dead)…\



…and if (for the sake of argument) Christ has not been raised (from the dead)…your faith is worthless…(and even worse) you are still in your sins.\


If Christ is not raised from the dead, all of the things I taught you about yourself last Friday night are untrue…I taught that you are a New Creation…a Work of Art…a Saint…a Priest…an Ambassador…the possessor of Absolute Righteousness…Holy and Blameless…in union with Christ…in union with the Spirit…redeemed…reconciled…a Possession of God…Justified…the Focus of Forgiveness…a Child of God.  If there is no resurrection from the dead then all of those things are called into question.  Ouch!



Then (worse yet)…those also who have fallen asleep (in physical death while) in union with Christ have perished (they’re just dead…gone forever).\


In other words, we have no future, thus we have no hope.  It’s easy to see who the sponsor of such nonsense is…Satan…the enemy of God.



If (for the sake of argument) we keep on hoping in Christ only for this life… we are of all men most to be pitied (we are fools who have wasted their time).\


This is what unbelievers think about Christians…we are weak…we need a crutch…and we’re placing our confidence in a fairy tale.  All I have to say about their assumption is, “He who laughs last laughs best.”  We’ll see.


God doesn’t want us to be double-minded.  He wants us to listen to Him only.  When we do…we have hope.  When we don’t, we doubt…and we become unstable in all our ways.



Make the Most Important Decision of Your Life\


This gospel message is dedicated to anyone who does not have a relationship with the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 


Where you spend eternity matters to God because YOU matter to God.  He wants you to be saved!  You have a choice in the matter of being saved, and the choice is your alone.  In John, Chapter 4, Verses 13 and 14, the Lord Jesus Christ is talking to a Samaritan woman at a well…she found it unusual because she recognized that He is a Jew…and the Jews typically wanted nothing to do with the Samaritans.  After a brief introduction, the Lord says to the woman…


/JOHN 4:13

“Everyone who drinks of the water in this well will thirst again…”\


/JOHN 4:14 

“…but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him (the water of the Word…the gospel message) shall never thirst…but the water that I will give him will become in him a well of water springing up to the resurrection life.”\


It is the Lord’s will for you to live with Him in heaven forever when you close your eyes in this life. First Timothy, Chapter 2, Verses 3 and 4 say…



This is what is good and acceptable in the sight of the God who is our Savior…the Lord Jesus Christ…\



…who desires all men to be saved and who desires for all men to come to the knowledge of the truth.\


But unbelievers have a problem…RELIGION…Satan’s system which is designed to share a false gospel and a false Jesus.  Is religion the way to be saved?  Is religion the truth?  Billions of people in this world are part of religions.  Many of them believe that religion and its rituals are the tickets into heaven. They embrace religious beliefs that tell them how to live a spiritual life. The religion claims either that there is a god…or there are many gods…but the religion does not discuss how to have a personal relationship with god. 

Religions propose that if you don’t do everything their god expects that he will be quite disappointed…and regardless of your best efforts to follow the religious rituals…which you CAN’T and DON’T do…even if you did all of them, the religion does not GUARANTEE that following the rituals will get you into heaven.


Christianity is NOT a religion…it is a relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ.  A relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ saves you.  The truth the Lord wants you to know is how to be saved…how to get to heaven when you close your eyes in this life, and HE sent me to tell you about it.


Getting to heaven when you close your eyes in this life is as simple as a nine-word conversation with God the Father…like the one in Luke, Chapter 23, Verses 42 and 43…


/LUKE 23:42

And a thief being crucified next to Jesus was saying, “Jesus, remember me when You come into Your kingdom!”\


/LUKE 23:43 

And Jesus said to him, “Truly I say to you…today you shall be with Me in Paradise.”\


Just a nine-word conversation with God can get you to heaven… Jesus, remember me when You come into Your kingdom.  Or if you prefer…it’s a five-word conversation with God the Father … “Father…I believe in Christ.”  Simply believe… which means take God’s word for what it takes to be saved…and that is the moment of eternal life for you.  


Who is this God who saves you?  The apostle Paul describes the Lord Jesus Christ in First Corinthians, Chapter 15, Verses 3 and 4… 



For I (Paul) delivered to you as of first importance the gospel message I also received from God… that it was Jesus Christ who died for our sins according to the Old Testament Scriptures…\



…and that He was buried…and that He was raised from the dead on the third day…according to the Old Testament Scriptures…\


If you reject the relationship offer the Lord Jesus Christ makes to you, He will honor your rejection…Matthew, Chapter 13, Verses 49 and 50…


/MATTHEW 13:49

So it will be at the end of the age…the elect angels will come forth and take out the wicked (a description of unbelievers) from among the righteous (believers in Christ) ...\


/MATTHEW 13:50 

…and will throw the wicked into the furnace of fire…and in that place, there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.\


On the other hand, once the Lord saves you, no matter how hard you try, you cannot lose your salvation…John, Chapter 10, Verse 28 says…


/JOHN 10:28

“…I (the Lord Jesus Christ) give eternal life to believers in Christ…and they will never perish…and no one will snatch them out of My hand.”\


Anyone who tells you that you can lose your salvation is lying to you.  So, follow the advice of Acts, Chapter 16, Verse 31…


/ACTS 16:31 

“Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved, you and everyone in your household who also believes.”\


It’s not religion that gets you to heaven…it’s relationship…relationship with the one and only Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Have that conversation with Him right now and you will be saved!




Let’s close with music!  In First Peter, Chapter 4, Verses 12 and 13, Peter exhorts…



Divinely loved ones…do not be surprised at the fiery ordeals among you (like Rome burning)…which things come upon you for your testing…as though some strange thing were happening to you…\



…but to the degree that you participate in suffering for Christ’s sake…keep on rejoicing (consider yourself blessed)…so that at the revelation of His glory you believers in Christ may rejoice with exultation.\


Or as James would put it, and as June Murphy would sing it, COUNT IT ALL JOY!



Be Occupied with the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ

Enjoy the Singing of His Praises



June Murphy\





Be Occupied with the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ

Enjoy the Singing of His Praises



June Murphy\




         A Doxology of Praise to Our God\


Let’s close with words of worship for our Almighty God.  



Worthy of praise is the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us believers in Christ in eternity past with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms (a place of permanence)…through our union with Christ…\


God wants us to enjoy His gracious provisions…



In Jesus…we have redemption (deliverance from slavery to sin) through His blood…the forgiveness of our trespasses…according to the glorious wealth provided by His grace…which He lavished on us…including as a gift, wisdom and insight…\



Now to God the Father…who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we could ask or imagine (more than is humanly possible)…according to the divine power (omnipotence) that works within us…\



…to Him be the glory…through the church age believers in union with Christ Jesus…and to all generations forever and ever. Amen.\






Let us pray...\


/Thanks for coming!

Thanks for watching!

Thanks for listening!









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