Romans 124: Romans 3 - Jesus Christ's Blood is the Sacrifice that Paid for Our Sins

ROM-33-140810 - length: 78:37 - taught on Aug, 10 2014

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Welcome To


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Rory Clark



Welcome to Barah Ministries…a worldwide Christian Church based in Mesa, AZ…my name is Pastor Rory Clark, and I’m proud to be the Pastor of Barah Ministries.  I am committed to helping you see the Lord Jesus Christ as He truly is and to helping you see His Word from His point of view.  In this lesson we celebrate The Lord’s Supper, obeying a request given to us by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in Luke, Chapter 22, Verse 19, that says… 


LUK 22:19

“…keep on doing this (the Lord’s Supper Celebration) in remembrance of Me.”


In the Lord’s Supper, we take a look back to the Cross.



When you look back at the Cross, what do you see? 


When I look back at the Cross, among the many things I see is SACRIFICE.


Until you know how much God loves you, it’s almost impossible to really know what it means to be a Christian!  John, Chapter 15, Verses 12 and 13…


JOH 15:12-13

“This is My commandment, that you love one another unconditionally, just as I (the Lord Jesus Christ) have loved you unconditionally. Greater unconditional love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.”


The Cross was a communication and demonstration of the Lord’s unconditional love for you…it was the ultimate sacrifice…and we are pleased to remember this sacrifice on a regular basis so that its meaning is fresh in our hearts and at the top of our minds.



Be Occupied with the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ

Enjoy the Singing of His Praises




As God prepares your soul for The Lord’s Supper Celebration and the study of His Word, let’s hear June Murphy worship our Lord in song.  The opening song is…LAMB OF GOD. 




Let us pray...


We’re grateful Heavenly Father for the privilege of studying the absolute

truth...the Word of God…


Help us to be as willing to sacrifice for others as Your Son was willing to voluntarily sacrifice for us…


We ask this through the power of God the Holy Christ’s name... Amen.



Jesus Christ’s Blood is the Sacrifice that Paid for Our Sins


The Lord Jesus Christ is the goat, slain on our behalf, to answer the righteousness demands of God the Father.  Rather than pouring out His wrath on us because of our sins, God the Father graciously made the ultimate sacrifice for a father, and poured out His wrath on His Son.  It was a cup His Son was totally willing to receive on your behalf.  Luke, Chapter 22, Verse 20 says…


LUK 22:20

And in the same way the Lord Jesus Christ took the cup after they had eaten, dinner saying, “This cup of wrath which is poured out for you by God the Father is the new covenant in My blood.”


It pleased God the Father to visit all of His wrath on His Son, to pay for all of your sins with the Lord Jesus Christ’s blood.  You are the beneficiary of

this propitiatory sacrifice.  Isaiah, Chapter 53, Verse 10 says…


ISA 53:10

But the LORD (God the Father) was pleased to crush Jesus Christ, putting Him to grief, if He would render Himself as an offering for our guilt…God the Father will see Jesus’s offspring, God the Father will prolong His offspring’s days, and the good pleasure of the LORD will prosper in His offspring’s hand.


Amen?  Amen!  We are seeing it every day.  God the Father is on our side and He prospers our hand.  God the Father made a perfect sacrifice for you…the Lord Jesus Christ made a perfect sacrifice for you…and in doing so, they both demonstrated their unconditional and infinite love for you…John, Chapter 15, Verses 13…


JOH 15:13

“Greater unconditional love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.”


Let’s begin our Lord’s Supper Celebration with a few announcements…




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JAM 1:6

But he must ask in faith without any doubting, for the one who doubts is like the surf of the sea, driven and tossed by the wind.



At the Cross



Jesus Christ’s Blood is the Sacrifice that Paid for Our Sins


The Lord Jesus Christ’s blood paid the ultimate price on our behalf…where sin is paid for, blood is shed.  Romans, Chapter 5, Verse 9…


ROM 5:9

Much more then, having now been justified by the Lord Jesus Christ’s blood, we shall be saved from the wrath of God the Father through Him.


The Lord Jesus Christ’s blood, the blood of His true humanity, was the perfect and propitiatory sacrifice on our behalf.  The sacrifice was so perfect, it did not require repeated sacrifice.  Hebrews, Chapter 9, Verse 26…


HEB 9:26

Otherwise, the Lord Jesus Christ would have needed to suffer often since the foundation of the world; but now ONCE at the consummation of the ages the Lord Jesus Christ has been manifested to put away sin by the sacrifice of Himself.


It was made clearly visible that the Lord Jesus Christ put away sin once and for all time.  Turn in your bibles to Leviticus, Chapter 16…even in the Old Testament, atonement for sins was made with a blood sacrifice.  Let’s hear the ordeal of the Levitical priest…then let’s enjoy the Lord’s Supper elements…then let’s see what we can learn from the Levitical offerings.


<Read Aloud Leviticus, Chapter  16>


What light does this passage shed on the Cross and on Christ.  We’ll discuss it after the elements.



Enjoying the Elements


Following God’s request, we keep on celebrating CHRIST and His Cross on a regular basis…we eat to remember who He is…His PERSON…we drink to remember His WORK, the voluntary sacrifice He made at the Cross on our behalf…and we are grateful.  First Corinthians, Chapter 11, Verses 23 and 24 say…


1CO 11:23-24

For I, Paul received from the Lord that which I also delivered to you, that

the Lord Jesus Christ on the night in which He was betrayed took bread;  and when He had given thanks, He broke it and said, “This is, and keeps on being My body, which is broken for you; keep on doing this celebration for the purpose of remembering Me.”


When we eat the bread during the Lord’s Supper celebration, we remember THE PERSON of the Lord Jesus Christ. 


First Corinthians, Chapter 11, Verses 25 and 26 say…


1CO 11:25-26

In the same way the Lord Jesus Christ took the cup after supper, representing His death on the Cross, saying, “This cup is a new testament forged with My blood; keep on doing this celebration, as often as you drink it, for the purpose of remembering Me. For as often as you eat this bread and drink the cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death until He comes.”


When we drink the cup, we remember THE WORK of the Lord Jesus Christ. 


As you remember the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, please enjoy the bread and enjoy the cup.  And come on up!  As you enjoy the elements, and as you give thanks to the Lord, let’s listen to the Lord’s Supper song...Give Thanks.



Give Thanks


Take a five-minute break.



Somewhere Over the Rainbow



Jesus Christ’s Blood is the Sacrifice that Paid for Our Sins


For those of you who want to follow the law to cover your sins, this is what it takes!  Sin can NEVER be covered by the self-righteous practice of confession of sin.  Sin is only covered with blood, both in the past, and now.  So for all those who say that our sins were not paid for at the Cross…that our sins are not paid for until they are confessed…I just want you to know that this is heresy…a direct attack on the Person and the Work of the Lord Jesus Christ at the Cross…and the bible, EVEN in the Old Testament, paints a completely different picture of what it takes to cover sins.  Sins are never covered by our words…sins are only covered by sacrifice, the sacrifice of blood, the kind of sacrifice that the Lord Jesus Christ made at the Cross.  Here is what is commanded to happen on the annual Jewish Day of Atonement…Leviticus, Chapter 16, Verse 1…


LEV 16:1

Now the LORD spoke to Moses after the death of the two sons of Aaron, when they had approached the presence of the LORD and died.


Aaron’s sons walked into the Holy of Holies.  Mistake!  The only way to be in the presence of God’s glory is after your physical death.  The Holy of Holies is the location of the Ark of the Covenant.  It represented heaven.  It was also known as The Most Holy Place, in the Tabernacle, and there was an intense set of rituals that had to be performed with absolute precision to be inside the Holy of Holies.  We’ll see that set of rituals here.


LEV 16:2      

The LORD said to Moses, “Tell your brother Aaron that he shall not enter at any time into the most holy place (the Holy of Holies), inside the veil, before the mercy seat which is on the ark, or he will die; for I (the Lord in His pre-incarnate state…God the Son) will appear in the cloud over the mercy seat.”


Here are the preparation rites for the ritual…we’ll focus our attention on the

part of the sacrifice involving the goats for now…


LEV 16:3      

“Aaron shall enter the holy place with this: with a bull for a sin offering and a ram for a burnt offering.”


LEV 16:4      

“He shall put on the holy linen tunic, and the linen undergarments shall be next to his body, and he shall be girded with the linen sash and attired with the linen turban (these are holy garments). Then he shall bathe his body in water and put them on.”


LEV 16:5      

“He shall take from the congregation of the sons of Israel two male goats for a sin offering and one ram for a burnt offering.”


LEV 16:6      

“Then Aaron shall offer the bull for the sin offering which is for himself, that he may make atonement for himself and for his household.”


The blood of the Bull covered the sins of the Levitical priest and of the members of his household.  Blood always covers sin.


LEV 16: 7      

“Then Aaron shall take the two goats and present them before the LORD at the doorway of the tent of meeting.”


The tent of meeting was the tabernacle…the portable dwelling place for the divine presence.


LEV 16:8      

“Aaron shall cast lots for the two goats, one lot for the LORD and the other lot for the scapegoat.”


One goat would be sacrificed to the Lord to cover sins.   One goat would be released.   This goat was known as the “escape goat.”  It’s where we get our term scapegoat.  A scapegoat is a slang term for a person that everyone dumps on, just as the sins of the Jews were dumped on this scapegoat.  This was a nervous time for the goats!  Leviticus, Chapter 16, Verse 9…


LEV 16:9      

“Then Aaron shall offer the goat on which the lot for the LORD fell, and make it a sin offering.”


The source of the blood.


LEV 16:10      

“But the goat on which the lot for the scapegoat fell shall be presented alive before the LORD, to make atonement for sins upon it, to send it into the wilderness as the scapegoat.”


After the scapegoat received the sins of all of Israel, it was released into the wilderness, never to be seen or thought of again.  This was a lesson that when sins are paid for by blood, the sins are never to be thought of again.


LEV 16:11      

“Then Aaron shall offer the bull of the sin offering which is for himself and make atonement for himself and for his household, and he shall slaughter the bull of the sin offering which is for himself.”


LEV 16:12      

“He shall take a firepan full of coals of fire from upon the altar before the LORD and two handfuls of finely ground sweet incense, and bring it inside the veil.”


Once in the Holy of Holies, the Levitical priest needed incense smoke to shield Him from the presence of the Lord as the Shekinah Glory.


LEV 16:13      

“He shall put the incense on the fire before the LORD, that the cloud of incense may cover the mercy seat that is on the ark of the testimony, otherwise the Levitical priest will die.”


LEV 16:14      

“Moreover, he shall take some of the blood of the bull and sprinkle it with his finger on the mercy seat on the east side; also in front of the mercy seat he shall sprinkle some of the blood with his finger seven times.”


LEV 16:15      

“Then he shall slaughter the goat of the sin offering which is for the people, and bring its blood inside the veil and do with its blood as he did with the blood of the bull, and sprinkle it on the mercy seat and in front of the mercy seat.”


The blood of the bull covers the sins of the priest and his family…the blood of the goat for the Lord covers the sins of the people.


LEV 16:16      

“He shall make atonement for the holy place, because of the impurities of the sons of Israel and because of their transgressions in regard to all their sins; and thus he shall do for the tent of meeting which abides with them in the midst of their impurities.”


What is atonement?



Payment for a crime…for an offense…for sins.


LEV 16:17      

“When he goes in to make atonement in the holy place, no one shall be in the tent of meeting until he comes out, that he may make atonement for himself and for his household and for all the assembly of Israel.”


LEV 16:18      

“Then he shall go out to the altar that is before the LORD and make atonement for it, and shall take some of the blood of the bull and of the blood of the goat and put it on the horns of the altar on all sides.”


LEV 16:19      

“With his finger he shall sprinkle some of the blood on it seven times and cleanse it, and from the impurities of the sons of Israel consecrate it.”


LEV 16:20      

“When he finishes atoning for the holy place and the tent of meeting and the altar, he shall offer the live goat.”


This is what he was required to do with the live goat, after the ritual with the goat that is sacrificed.

LEV 16:21      

“Then Aaron shall lay both of his hands on the head of the live goat, and confess over it all the iniquities of the sons of Israel and all their transgressions in regard to all their sins; and he shall lay them on the head of the goat and send it away into the wilderness by the hand of a man who stands in readiness.”


LEV 16:22      

“The goat shall bear on itself all their iniquities to a solitary land; and the man who stands in readiness shall release the goat in the wilderness.”


Here’s the verse that best describes this part of the ritual…Psalm 103, Verse 12…


PSA 103:12

As far as the east is from the west, So far has He removed our transgressions from us.


The scapegoat teaches them to forget their sins, just as the Lord has.  Leviticus, Chapter 16, Verse 23…


LEV 16:23      

“Then Aaron shall come into the tent of meeting and take off the linen garments which he put on when he went into the holy place, and shall leave them there.”


LEV 16:24      

“He shall bathe his body with water in a holy place and put on his clothes, and come forth and offer his burnt offering and the burnt offering of the people and make atonement for himself and for the people.”


LEV 16:25      

“Then he shall offer up in smoke the fat of the sin offering on the altar.”


LEV 16:26      

“The one who released the goat as the scapegoat shall wash his clothes and bathe his body with water; then afterward he shall come into the camp.”


A whole lot of cleansing going on!


LEV 16:27      

“But the bull of the sin offering and the goat of the sin offering, whose blood was brought in to make atonement in the holy place, shall be taken outside the camp, and they shall burn their hides, their flesh, and their refuse in the fire.”


LEV 16:28      

“Then the one who burns them shall wash his clothes and bathe his body with water, then afterward he shall come into the camp.”


LEV 16:29      

“This shall be a permanent statute for you: in the seventh month, on the tenth day of the month (Tishri…in October or November…called Yom Kippur… October 4 this year), you shall humble your souls and not do any work (typically 25 hours of fasting), whether the native, or the alien who sojourns among you…”


LEV 16:30      

“…for it is on this day that atonement shall be made for you to cleanse you; you will be clean from all your sins before the LORD.”


LEV 16:31      

“It is to be a sabbath of solemn rest for you (the Sabbath of Sabbaths), that you may humble your souls; it is a permanent statute.”


LEV 16:32      

“So the priest who is anointed and ordained to serve as priest in his father’s place shall make atonement: he shall thus put on the linen garments, the holy garments…”


LEV 16:33      

“…and make atonement for the holy sanctuary (the tabernacle), and he shall make atonement for the tent of meeting and for the altar. He shall also make atonement for the priests and for all the people of the assembly.”


LEV 16:34      

“Now you shall have this as a permanent statute, to make atonement for the sons of Israel for all their sins once every year.” And just as the LORD had commanded Moses, so he did.”


If you want to follow the law to cover sin, this is what it took.


The goat sacrifice was a ritual to teach about the Lord Jesus Christ’s sacrifice at the Cross…a future event for the sons of Israel where their Messiah would come through for them, taking away the sins of the world.


One part of Christ’s sacrifice at the Cross was to be the propitiation for our sins…a payment with blood…


1JO 2:1-2

My little children, I am writing these things to you so that you may not sin. And if anyone sins, we have an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous; and He Himself is the propitiation for our sins; and not for ours only, but also for those of the whole world.


The other part of Christ’s sacrifice at the Cross was to completely take sins out of the way…John, Chapter 1, Verse 29…


JOH 1:29

The next day John the Baptist saw Jesus coming to him and said, “Behold, the Lamb of God the Father, who takes away the sin of the world!”


Acts, Chapter 8, Verse 32…


ACT 8:32



First Peter, Chapter 1, Verses 18 and 19…


1PE 1:18-19

…you were not redeemed with perishable things like silver or gold from your futile way of life inherited from your forefathers, but with precious blood, as of a lamb unblemished and spotless, the blood of Christ.


Romans, Chapter 8, Verse 32…


ROM 8:32

God the Father who did not spare His own Son, but delivered the Lord Jesus Christ over for us all, how will God the Father not also with our union with Christ freely give us all things?


The Lord Jesus Christ is the still point of a turning world.  Like the eye of a hurricane, He is a place of absolute calm.  At the Cross, He gave the greatest demonstration of unconditional love.  John, Chapter 15, Verses 13…


JOH 15:13

“Greater unconditional love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.”


Every month we celebrate this fabulous sacrifice on our behalf.  And no works on our part can in any way add to, take away from, or desecrate this sacrifice that is the ultimate expression of God’s unconditional love for you. 


The Promises of the Lord Jesus Christ


1TH 5:16-18

Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you (who are) in (union with) Christ Jesus.


1PE 5:6-7

Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you at the proper time, casting all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you.


EXO 14:13

“Do not fear! Stand by and see the salvation of the Lord which He will accomplish for you today…”


ISA 40:29

He gives strength to the weary, and to him who lacks might He increases power.



Calling You to Freedom



Let us pray...





And we pray that You continue to shape the messages from this pulpit that are an accurate reflection of Your unconditional love, Your person, Your thinking, Your work, and Your essence...we ask this through the power of God the Holy Spirit, in Christ’s name, Amen.


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Thanks for listening!

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