Give God Another Chance --- God Wants You to Listen to His Word From the Voice of Truth

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Why Don’t You Give God

Another Chance?


Pastor Rory Clark

Barah Ministries


Hi there!


My name is Rory Clark and I am the Pastor of Barah Ministries…a worldwide Christian Church based in Mesa, AZ


I have a question for you…


Why Don’t You Give God Another Chance?


That’s the focus of these ten-minute lessons.  You can give God another chance.


If someone loves you unconditionally…if someone cares for you so much that He considers your problems to be His responsibility…if someone wants a deep, intimate and personal relationship with you…if someone isn’t holding your sins against you…and if someone gives you direction that is never wrong, wouldn’t you want to give them a chance in your life?  All those things are true about God in relation to you.  Why Don’t You Give God Another Chance


God Wants You to Listen to His Word From the Voice of Truth


God is no longer speaking to us in dreams, and in visions, and in theophany as He did in the Old Testament.  Today, God speaks to us only through His Word, which He has written, through human authors, in the bible.  Second Peter, Chapter 1, Verses 20 and 21 say…


Second Peter 1:20-21

But know this first of all, that no prophecy of Scripture is a matter of one’s own interpretation, for no prophecy was ever made by an act of human will, but men moved by God the Holy Spirit spoke directly from the exact thinking of THE God, the Lord Jesus Christ.


SO that we would not have to interpret the bible on our own, God sent us help…

John, Chapter 16, Verses 13 and 14…


John 16:13-14

“But when God the Holy Spirit of truth, comes, He will guide you into all the truth; for God the Holy Spirit will not speak on His own initiative, but whatever He hears, He will speak; and He will disclose to you what is to come. God the Holy Spirit will glorify Me (the Lord Jesus Christ), for He will take of Mine and will disclose it to you.”


God the Holy Spirit is a person.  God the Holy Spirit is our Mentor and our Teacher and our Guide…God the Holy Spirit is the Voice of Truth.  We do well when we listen to Him as He communicates through Pastors who are teaching the Word of God accurately.


God wants to pour His knowledge into us because God wants us to know Him and to love Him, the Person, and He wants it to be real to us that He is our best and only friend in times of trouble. 


As we seek to get to know God, there are often questions that perplex our souls. It’s a good idea to ask the questions of our best friend…our God…the Lord Jesus Christ because He is always ready to answer us.  In James, Chapter 1, Verse 5, it says…


James 1:5

But if any of you lacks wisdom (and you do lack truth and answers in your soul), let him keep on asking of the source…God the Father… in prayer, who gives wisdom to all generously and without reproach through a communicator, and wisdom will be given to him who asks for it.


God always comes through with wisdom for those who request it…God is Someone we can trust…He is the Voice of Truth…we can go to him for wisdom…He will give us the wisdom that provides us with an adequate picture of the truth for any situation we face.  Psalm 51, Verse 6 says…


Psalm 51:6

Behold, God, You desire truth in the innermost being, and in the hidden part You will make me know wisdom.


I ask God a lot of questions. One of the questions that has perplexed my soul for years as I watch the conduct of Christians is how their actions in their lives never seem to line up with the knowledge of the truth from the bible that I know exists within their souls.  I see a lot of Christians learning about the Christian Way of Life, but I don’t see a lot of Christians engaging in the Christian Way of Living.  Christians are often called hypocrites by unbelievers, and unfortunately it is true.  I count myself as first in that long line of people.  In fact, I know that God always puts the biggest hypocrites up front to teach.  If you look into the loves of all the great men of the bible, you will see one thing more than any other…human imperfection.  As a teacher of the Word of God, it is quite disturbing when I catch myself not living the Word of God.  At those times the Lord reminds me that He is at work in me…Philippians, Chapter 1, Verse 6…


Philippians 1:6

For I am confident of this very thing, that God the Father who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.


In John, Chapter 10, Verse 10 God reminds Christians that they have an enemy…


John 10:10

The thief (Satan) comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I (the Lord Jesus Christ) came that they (believers in Christ) may have the resurrection life, and have it abundantly.


God pours out His knowledge to His creatures through His Word, and He makes Himself visible to us in ways that make sense to us as human beings.  The Lord  provides us with every resource imaginable, and He lays down His life for us.  Then even after the hearing the Word, even after knowing all the provisions, the result is the same.  Wisdom often has no effect.  There is no visible change in our lives.  There is no change in circumstance. 


There are still atheists, who believe there is no God; there are still agnostics who think “the mysteries of God can’t be known.”  There are still the religious who are comfortable tolerating false doctrine and false teachers who provide no real knowledge of God. 


But the Word of Truth from the Voice of Truth makes a difference.  James, Chapter 1, Verse 21, says…


James 1:21

Therefore, putting aside all filthiness and all that remains of wickedness, in humility receive from God the Word of God implanted (by which you are impregnated), which is powerful enough to deliver your souls.


God uses His Word to change you into the person He has always wanted you to be.  You don’t have to change yourself.


James 1:22

But prove yourselves (through obedience to God’s requests and keep on being) doers of the word, and not merelyhearers of the Word who keep on deluding themselves).


When we hear what God has to say, and then do it, it always works…100% of the time…guaranteed.  James, Chapter 1, Verse 23…


James 1:23

For if anyone (in any generation who is a believer in Christ) is a hearer of the word and not a doer (and some believers are only hearers and not doers), this believer is similar to a noble believer who looks up and down at his natural face, beholding it in a mirror…


Many believers are positive to the study of the Word of God…they have a Pastor… they understand what the Word of God is saying…but they only collect biblical knowledge…they don’t choose to live it…they inspect the Word of God but it does not digest in such a way that it is translated into action…James, Chapter 1, Verse 24…


James 1:24

…for once this noble believer has looked at himself up and down and gone away from the mirror, he has immediately forgotten and in fact disregards what kind of person he was.


What kind of person was this person.  What did this person see?  He saw a hypocrite.  And then he forgot what he saw.  James, Chapter 1, Verse 25…


James 1:25

But in contrast, the noble believer who looks intently in the mirror (concentrating on) the perfect law (the absolute truth of the Word of God), that is, the law of liberty (the truth which sets you free), and keeps on abiding by it, not having become a forgetful hearer but having become an effectual doer, this person will be blessed in what he does.


God gives you great direction with His Word.  Let this be the time when you choose to listen to and to obey the Word of God from the Voice of Truth.


Are you willing to give God another chance?  When you are, you will be gravitating to places where you can hear the Word of god and have it implanted.


If you like these short lessons, visit our website at    That’s  We have two different one hour lessons per week to edify your spiritual life.  Please join us.  And keep on giving God another chance.  I’m Pastor Rory Clark.


Pastor Rory Clark

Barah Ministries



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