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ABHOR - To regard something with extreme repugnance…to feel intense aversion to something…to utterly detest something…to loathe something…to consider something an abomination.

AFFAIR - A journey away from the marriage relationship to look for the thing that is missing in the marriage relationship.

ALCHEMIST - A person with a magical power and a magical process that transmutes common substances, usually substances of little value, into substances of great value.

AMBASSADOR - A diplomatic official of the highest rank, sent by one sovereign or state to another sovereign or state as its resident representative.

ANTIDOTE - A remedy that counteracts the effects of poison, preventing its injurious and unwanted effects.

ASCETICISM - The idea that a person can attain an enlightened spiritual or moral state by practicing self-denial, self-mortification, extreme abstinence, or austerity.

ATONEMENT - To make amends for a wrong…the restoration to favor.

AUTHORITY ORIENTATION - A willingness to be directed.

BESEECH - To implore…to beg…to urge…to make urgent appeal…to solicit…to ask someone to DO something.

CAREER - A series of jobs that happen one after another.

CATALYST - A person or a thing that incites a change…a substance that causes or accelerates a reaction without itself being affected…that causes activity between people or forces…

CHURCH - A bunch of people who want to worship the Real God, the Lord Jesus Christ…who want to master the inner game of life…who want to be there for each other…who want to hurt each other…who want to do meaningful things for others.

CHRISTIANITY - The free gift of a relationship with the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by means of faith, that credits absolute righteousness to you. - SALVATION.

CONFIRMATION BIAS - Confirmation bias refers to a type of selective thinking whereby one tends to notice and to look for what confirms one's beliefs, and to ignore, not look for, or undervalue the relevance of what contradicts one's beliefs.

CONFORM - To be made similar in form…similar in nature…or similar in character to Satan, to the world, and to the flesh.

CONSECRATION - Dedicated service to God.

CONSCIENCE - The I SHOULD Component, Your knowledge of right and wrong.

CONSIDERATE - Showing kindly awareness or showing compassionate regard for another’s feelings or another’s circumstances.

CONSUME - To destroy…to expend by use…to use up…to devour…
to spend wastefully.

DEATH - Separation from God.

DOING THINGS GOD’S WAY - Placing your needs in God’s hands and then trusting Him to meet the needs, calmly accepting life’s pressures with faith, a selfless concern for others.

DOXOLOGY - A hymn or words praising God.

DISTRESS - Absolute anguish…more intense than the pain of tribulation…it literally means to be jammed into a very narrow and cramped space…a space too small for you to fit into…and in that space you experience a pain that is almost unendurable…a pain that you have no answer for…a pain that only God has the power to handle.

DESPAIR - A desperate feeling of hopelessness…the tendency to think things are not going to work out and that nothing can change circumstances.

EMOTION - The I FEEL Component, your ability to feel.

ENEMY - A person who either is actively or passively opposed to or hostile toward someone or something…a person who weakens or harms another…a person who hates you…a person who is out to destroy you…someone who wants to stop you from doing something…

ESSENCE - The basic, real, and invariable nature of a thing or its significant individual features.

EVIL - A mental approach with a sponsor, designed with an intention to get us to do what is harmful and injurious to ourselves, resulting in misfortune, or suffering that is not beneficial, or disaster…a desire to harm.

EXHORT - To urge…to advise…to warn with great urgency…

Exodus - A going out…a departure

FAITH - A gift from God that allows you, through a free will choice, to place your COMPLETE CONFIDENCE in the object of your faith after inspection.

FAITHFUL - When you are faithful in relationships, you stick with the relationship through thick and thin…you never betray the relationship…you ALWAYS give the people you are in relationship with a way out of a jam…you accomplish what you set out to do for those with whom you are in relationship...…you protect the relationship from all forms of harm, even in circumstances where those you are in relationship with want to harm you or want to harm themselves…you are always on the side of those with whom you have relationships…you are willing to stand up for your relationships when there is trouble.

FAITHFUL - Faithfulness means giving your WHOLE HEART and your WHOLE BEING to a relationship without regard for the pain associated with making this choice.

FAITHFUL -Allowing yourself to be deprived of things in relationships that you think are rightfully yours. Standing steadfast and firm in your conviction 
toward the relationship.

FAMINE - Extreme lack and general scarcity of food in a country or in a large geographical area.

GAUNTLET - A journey through an intimidating, dangerous, and often painful experience designed to keep you from reaching a goal.

GAUNTLET - A column of enemy forces, formed with two lines of personnel, which we walk between.  The enemy strikes us multiple times and multiple ways from the two sides as we pass.  The experiences often devastate us.  Yet God causes us to be edified by the experiences so that we can keep on enduring other experiences in the future.

GIFT - Something given voluntarily without payment expected in return…the act of giving…something received without any effort required on the part of the recipient.

GOD’S ATTRIBUTES - Justice- God is fair, Righteousness- God is free from sin, Sovereignty- God has ultimate volition, Omniscience- God knows all that is knowable, Omnipotence - God has all the power, Omnipresence- God is everywhere simultaneously, Love- God loves all creatures unconditionally, Immutable - God never changes, Veracity- God always tells the truth, Eternal - God has always existed and always will.

GOD’S GLORY- The physical manifestation of God’s Being…it is God allowing His presence to be clearly seen.

HYPOCRISY - It is talking from behind a mask.  It is pretense… phoniness… double-mindedness… appearing one way when you are really another more undesirable way… creating a public persona that is not who you really are, just so that you’ll be approved of by others.

HYPOCRISY - Literally, it means talking from behind a mask.  It is pretense… phoniness… appearing one way when you are really another more undesirable way… creating a public persona that is not who you really are, just so that you’ll be approved of by others.


IDOL - A mere image of something we wish were real…things visible but without substance…a phantom…something we worship ahead of God as the answer to our problems…a false answer to our problems…anything that takes our focus off of God…anything we rely on other than relying on God first.

IMMINENT - Something likely to occur at any moment… impending… something hanging over us.

IMMUTABLE - Incapable of change.

IMMUTABLE - An attribute of God’s essence that says He is unchanging in His character… unchanging in His will…and unchanging concerning His promises. God’s immutability defines all other parts of His essence as well. God is immutably FORGIVING…He is immutably JUST…He is immutably RIGHTEOUS… He is immutably SOVEREIGN… He is immutably OMNISCIENT…He is immutably OMNIPRESENT…He is immutably OMNIPOTENT...none of God’s assets ever change.

INTENT - A state of mind that directs thoughts toward specific actions.

IRREVOCABLE - Something that cannot be altered, repealed or replaced…something that cannot be changed.

JEALOUSY - A feeling of resentment when you witness someone’s success or someone’s advantages.

LASCIVIOUSNESS - A lifestyle of lewdness and sexual desire.

LAWLESSNESS - Contempt for authority…the spirit of refusing control…the desire to break loose from restraint…to engage in the deception of “free spiritism” or a “pacifist” mentality … an unwillingness to punish crimes and criminals.

LEGALISM - A failed attempt at strict adherence to law, especially to the letter of the law rather than to the spirit of law.

MERCY - Knowing we are guilty, God never wants to give us what we deserve.  Instead, He always extends to us His grace.

MERCY - It is extended when God gives us something that is not merited by actions, especially by past actions…it is extended when God does not give us what we deserve to have… instead He gives us what He wants us to have because He has the sovereign right to decide to do things the way He 
wants to do them.

MERCY- A kindness that is extended to an offender…a pardon from guilt…an attitude of unconditional love that defies logical explanation.

METAMORPHOSIS - Egg to Caterpillar (Physical Birth to Spiritual Birth), Caterpillar to Pupa (Spiritual Birth to Maturity), Pupa to Monarch Butterfly 
(Maturity to Resurrection Body).

MINISTRY - It is a service…provided to mankind through the members of the Godhead…that you as a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ are CALLED by God to perform using your spiritual gift.  The Godhead brings the people to you…and they give you the supernatural, enabling power to provide spiritual healing for hurting souls through the use of your gift.  Spiritual healing includes the gospel message and the Word of God.

MISOGYNIST - A person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against women.

MORBID - A mental attitude that is unhealthy, unwholesome, gloomy, and hypersensitive toward self and others…a way of thinking characterized by an excessive interest in unpleasantness.

MYSTERY (Greek word “musterion”) - A truth that is previously unrevealed.

NAKEDNESS - It can be literal, but more often, in the spiritual realm, it is figurative…we are completely exposed as aliens in Satan’s kingdom…we are put in a position to be completely humiliated, as if we are standing before the world with no clothes on.

NARCISSISM - Deriving erotic gratification from admiration of one’s own physical or mental attributes, while simultaneously having no concern for others…a grandiose view of one’s own talents…a craving for admiration…a self-centeredness arising from a failure to understand the cooperative requirements of a relationship.

OBLIVIOUS - A state in which a person chooses to be unmindful, unconscious, and unaware of what is going on around them.

OMNIPOTENCE - God has all the power…He is unlimited in power…He is in complete control of the universe…He is able to do anything and everything He wills to do… effortlessly…any time He wants…yet God only uses this power in ways that are in harmony with His essence.

OMNIPOTENT - He has ALL the power, over all things, at all times, and in all ways.

OMNIPRESENCE - The ability to be everywhere at the same time.

OMNIPRESENT - God is able to be everywhere simultaneously…God is not bound by time or space…nothing escapes God’s notice or His attention…He is a witness to everything that happens all throughout divine history and all throughout human history.

OMNISCIENT - God knows everything…everything in the past…everything in the present… and everything in the future. God is the original “know-it-all” because He knows everything that is knowable.  God is not a learner…He knows everything all at once.

OPTIMISM - The tendency to look at the more favorable side of events and to expect favorable outcomes.

PANOPLY - An impressive display clothed in a complete suit of ceremonial armor.

PARTHENOGENESIS - The development of an egg without fertilization by a male.

PERIL - Exposure to injury…to loss…or to destruction…the encounter of risk…to be in jeopardy…to be in grave danger

Perpetual - Continuing forever…enduring forever…lasting for an indefinitely long time.

PERSECUTION - A campaign designed to exterminate, to drive away, or to subjugate people based on their membership in a group that is considered undesirable by the persecutor…to run after someone and to catch them for the purpose of hurting them.

PHONY - Someone who is not real or genuine…someone who likes pretending they are something they are not.

PITFALL - A lightly disguised trap that is easy to fall into…a dangerous entanglement for the unwary and the unsuspecting.

POISON - Harmful substances that destroy life, impair health, rob us of happiness and disrupt our well-being.

PRAYER - Intentionally sending messages to God, quite often without words.

PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE One of the most sacred principles in the American criminal justice system, holding that someone who is accused of a crime is innocent until proven guilty. In other words, the accuser must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, each essential element of the crime charged.  If they don’t, innocence stands as the verdict.

RECONCILIATION - To cause someone or something to conform to a standard.

REDEEM - The act of setting free…the process of liberating someone.

RELATIONSHIP - A connection that you decide to make with another person, and the relationship becomes a possession of yours, to be treasured, to be cared for, and to be nurtured.

RELATIONSHIP (The Dictionary) - A connection between people…sometimes emotional…sometimes sexual… sometimes a blood relationship between family members…which often involves dependence on each other…or an alliance…or an affinity… an entity designed to be mutual.

RELIGION - Man by his own efforts, through Satan’s influential prompting, seeking God’s approval in a “do it yourself” salvation scheme.

RELIGION - Creatures, by their own effort, seeking to save themselves by means of performance that is alleged by lying teachers to be pleasing to God. - WORKS

RENEW - To become completely new in mentality.

RIGHTEOUSNESS - Complete freedom from sin in every thought, in every word, and in every deed…never violating God’s standard of perfection…living a character pattern that involves never breaking the law.

SACRIFICE - The surrender or the complete destruction of something you value for the sake of something that has a higher value.

SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS - The I AM Component, An awareness of your own existence.

SELFISH - Someone who is devoted to and cares ONLY for self…one who is concerned primarily with his own interests while simultaneously not being interested at all in the welfare of others.

SHOW UP - To become clearly visible.

SOVEREIGN - The greatest…He is supreme in influence, in power, and in authority.

SOVEREIGNTY - Having supreme power or authority…number one in rank…having independent power…having indisputable power…being in complete control of everything that happens.

SPIRITUAL - A supernatural way of being fueled by divine power as opposed to natural, human power…a supernatural way of being.

SUBMISSION - To place yourself under the guidance of someone. 

SUBMISSION - To render due respect to authority…to obey legitimate requests of legitimate authority.

TAKE FOR GRANTED - The failure to properly appreciate someone or something, especially as a result of overfamiliarity.

THE UNMOVED MOVER - The unmoved mover (Ancient Greek: ὃοὐκινούμενος κινεῖ- ho ou kinoúmenos kineî - “that which moves without being moved”) or prime mover (Latin: primum movens) is a monotheistic concept advanced by Aristotle, a polytheist, as a primary cause or “mover” of all the motion in the universe.

TRANSFORM - To undergo a complete change in form or substance or structure especially to a completely different form of energy…the energy of the new man…that is a reflection of the attribute of The Living God.

TRIBULATION - The direct troubles that we experience in our lives…from suffering…from pain…from misery…from grief…from calamity…the things that God invites us to endure.

UNITY  - The result produced in us by God when we offer control of our soul to God the Holy Spirit.

UNITY - The state of being combined into oneness of mind and of feeling…harmony…agreement…a combining of parts into 
a single whole.

VENGEANCE - Dealing out “just desert” to evil action…a deserved punishment.

VERACITY - Habitual observance of truth…in thought…in word…or in deed… accurate… correct… always right.

VOLITION - The I CHOOSE Component, your ability to choose.

ZEAL - To boil over with heat…to be radical…to be fervent…to be fanatical…to be extreme…to be supremely enthusiastic…to be passionately devoted to a cause.






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